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  The Vietnam War is perhaps the most controversial and divisive conflict in American history. Its complexities and issues are debated to this day. The political and military decisions have been second guessed and studied for decades.
  This book is not about the big picture, the movement of armies, or the politics. It instead dives into the lives of people who lived through the conflict; from civilians in the villages, to soldiers in the field, to survivors who fled. This book chronicles the experiences of both Americans and Vietnamese through their eyes, and how it affected their lives forever.
  Each chapter tells the story of a different person during this heartbreaking time in history, including an American soldier, a Vietnamese navy officer, a TV producer, a Green Beret, a Marine, a military police officer, a boat person, a chaplain, and others.
  Dirty Old War brings the Vietnam War to life in a way other books don’t; through the experiences of those who witnessed it.
Dirty Old War
Tales from Vietnam
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    Bandwagon Books was founded in 2008 with the first publication by Jeff McArthur: The Table of Truth.  It has been the publishing location of Mr. McArthur's work ever since, releasing Pro Bono, The Great Heist, The American Game, and the Relic Worlds series.
    McArthur's work has been praised in the media for its insightful accuracy, detail, and high level of emotion.  His stories range from historic fiction and non-fiction to contemporary drama, to horror, and science fiction.
    All titles are available to retailers and libraries through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.  They are also available to the general public through this website, and on all major e-readers.

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    Bandwagon also creates games, and produces videos for download and on Youtube.  Their games include The Lost Worlds and Command Combat: Civil War.  Videos include The Forgotten Grave, Stolen Souls, Command Combat Battle Reports, and Geo-Hunters.  To see more of those, click on the links to the bottom right.
"Often you can sense McArthur’s obvious personal connection to the people involved, but it never feels biased."
            - The Reader
"Fantastic.  That is a good word to describe it."
            - Lincoln Journal Star
"He really takes time to build these worlds."
            - Top of the Heap Reviews
"Painfully inspiring.  This was such a well researched and explained version of a story."
            - Reada Reviews
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