Jeff McArthur grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska where he began writing at a very young age. He became fascinated with movies as a teenager and began making them at 15, going on to New York University for college where he studied film, TV, and radio. In New York he worked with the comedy group The State, with PBS, and several others, before moving out to Los Angeles in ’95.
        Jeff continued to work in the film industry for 15 years, working on various films including a few of his own, such as the documentary The Forgotten Grave, and the horror film Stolen Souls. He has more recently circled back around to book writing and he first released the critically acclaimed bestseller Pro Bono – The 18-Year Defense of Caril Ann Fugate, about the famous case for which his grandfather was the attorney. He has gone on to write novels such as The American Game and the Relic Worlds series. He has more recently written the true crime book The Great Heist, about the largest bank robbery in history, where he introduced the world to a forgotten American hero, Richard “Two Gun” Hart.
        Jeff’s latest work, Two Gun Hart, focuses on that amazing character who was not only a successful law man, but also the long-lost brother of Al Capone.