For three long years, the American Civil War has raged across the nation, scorching the land, leaving thousands dead, and tearing families apart. The endless fighting has hardened the hearts of soldiers of both sides. 
        But on a lonely field in mid-Tennessee, some of those soldiers will come face to face with one another in a series of ball games. Stalled in a stalemate, the soldiers start out with small bets on who is better at the game; but as the wagers increase, so do the risks. 
In order to play, they will have to accomplish what their governments were incapable of doing to avoid the war, compromise. Each man will bring his own ideas and rules to the sport, and together they formulate their own form of the American game. 
        But they have to be cautious, for soon the war will catch up with them, and they will be forced into conflict once again.
    Jeff McArthur grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska where he began writing at a young age.  He started making movies when he was 15, and went to New York University for film school.  After college he moved to Los Angeles where he worked on a number of films until he circled back around to writing in 2011, releasing the novel The Table of Truth.
    McArthur followed this up with a historical book called Pro Bono - The 18-Year Defense of Caril Ann Fugate; which was about his grandfather's involvement in a case where a 14-year-old girl was taken by her ex-boyfriend on a murder spree.  He then wrote short stories for the Relic Worlds science fiction series, as well as Pick Your Path books and a Relic Worlds novel.
    The American Game was released on the 4th of July on the 150th anniversary of the full year of the Civil War.
Title: The American Game

Author: Jeff McArthur

Publisher: Bandwagon Books

Publication Date: July 14, 2014

Retail Price: 9.95 (Paperback) / 2.99 (Kindle)


Pages: 324